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GIFAS for architects

Design combined with functionality – GIFAS has recognized your needs.

In today’s fast paced world time for well-being – be it in living or working areas – is more important than ever.

GIFAS is therefore not just concerned with the functionality of their products, but also develops designs that fit and adapt to the environment. The challenge to combine functionality, quality, durability, and innovation is one we take a new each day. The importance of coloured lighting design has grown in recent years in the architectural field. Lighting can no longer be ignored in the careful planning of buildings and landscapes. Light and shadow permanently affect the appearance of our environment.

GIFAS has recognised the importance of coloured lighting and concentrated on the new development of their LED built-in lights. Aimed at meeting the requirements of quality, technical development and aesthetics, they are modern products with a balanced price-performance ratio.

VisuLED Bodenleuchten Baumbelechtung

Aluminium energy columns – intelligent power and data transfer

GIFAS’s energy columns bring electricity to where it is needed, without the constant clutter of cables. These optimised design solutions are characterised by their high resistance to all external influences, their light weight and have the characteristics of the aluminium used in their construction to thank for these advantages.

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Underfloor distribution systems – invisible energy distribution

To design products that adapt to their environment means that sometimes they need to be invisible. GIFAS underfloor distributor systems bring energy to the required location without being a trip hazard or a structure that gets in the way.

Be it for Christmas lights, radiant heaters or anywhere where a power supply in a restricted space is needed, to complex energy supplies from the floor for parks, event halls, industrial buildings, courtyards, pedestrian areas, parks, car parks and hangars.[/one_half_last]

Power from the floor, practical and readily available.

GIFAS underfloor distributors systems can also be walked or driven over when in use and permit an uninterrupted sequence of events or operations.

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Unterflurverteiler PIAZZA700