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Product innovations

Product innovations

DeltaLUXX blue – the spotlight for more work safety
100% Made in Germany!


  • Designed for use on overhead cranes and transport shuttles
  • Approved for fire hazard sites>
  • Reliable warning point through efficient optics, even in daylight
  • Certified product „Made in Germany“


The new LED spotlight DeltaLUXX blue from GIFAS convinces with its efficiency and flexibility, as well as the various fields of application.
Whether as a route warning device or optical building lighting: Thanks to high-performance LEDs and professional thermal management, the DeltaLUXX blue masters the lighting challenges on-site in the field.

From an installation height of up to 20 meters, the required warning point is reliably projected onto the corresponding footpath or driveway as an anticipatory spot.
The DeltaLUXX is designed for robust applications in intralogistics as well as for outdoor use and can withstand temperature environments from -20 ° C to + 55 ° C permanently.

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DeltaLUXX blue

DeltaLUXX – The flexible hall lighting of GIFAS
100% Made in Germany!


  • For applications with high light points
  • Slim and modern industrial design
  • Optional with optics for a wide range of applications
  • Approved for fire-threatened areas


The new GIFAS Hall deflector impresses with design and flexibility. The efficient thermal management of this hall light, which ensures a permanently adequate cooling even in dust- and dirt-contaminated areas, supports the current and efficient LED technology with a service life of at least 80,000 hours.

The DeltaLUXX can be integrated into intelligent lighting systems by means of optional DALI and 1-10V dimming interfaces.

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AlphaLUXX – The new GIFAS floodlight from GIFAS
100% Made in Germany!


  • Hugely efficient at up to 167 lumens per watt
  • Revolutionary PTFE surface coating
  • Extremely flexible in terms of set-up, colour and output
  • Manufactured using top-quality components on


The AlphaLUXX floodlight is 100% Made in Germany. During the development, great emphasis was placed on the quality of the components, coupled with excellent efficiency and state-of-the-art technology.

Short response times at the Neuss production plant are guaranteed, meaning we are able meet customer requirements promptly in terms of different outputs and front panels, various cable lengths and special colour designs.

Furthermore, on the AC version a new technology has been used, which enables a 230 volt mains power supply to be connected directly to the LED board.

Technical details, 3D-animations, pictures and more here.

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TorchLED-Ex – The explosion-proof flashlight


  • At least 2.5 hours of light in three selectable modes
  • Memory function (last setting remains stored))
  • Corrosion-resistant charging contacts (gold-plated spring steel)
  • Overcurrent, temperature and deep discharge fuse
  • Compact design


The popular TorchLED work and inspection light with emergency light function is now also available in Ex version. The luminaire is equipped with a rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) rechargeable battery, which is charged outside the hazardous area.
The TorchLED-Ex complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC, the Directive 2004/108 / EC on electromagnetic compatibility and the ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC.

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LaneLED Inox – Handrail with increased safety!

  • Light color: ~ 4’000 K / ~ 5’500
  • Radiation angle: 120°
  • Protection degree: IP67


As a well-known producer of tunnel light luminaires in LED technology for road and railway tunnels, we have built up a lot of knowledge and know-how. Based on these experiences, the LED lighting of handrails is another step towards security on all public and private routes.

The LaneLED light strip is the basic element for the illuminated handrail and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications for balcony railing, stair railings and terraced railing, which are mounted very simply on classic rail posts with special pipe sections. Depending on the requirements of the operator, the corresponding type is selected, whereby the desired light intensity is the decisive prerequisite. The other parameters of LaneLED INOX are carefully defined.

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LaneLED Inox Handrail

ApolloLED ECO – Highest luminance of all time!

The proven Apollo light goes into the next generation: ApolloLED ECO is with a reduced height and lower weight, thanks to the latest high-end SMD LEDs, a true performance guarantor (156lm / W). Even the accessories, such as transport bag and tripod, is now more handy and let the ApolloLED ECOSystem become a practical large-area lamp in a compact design:

  • Illumination area of ​​several hundred square meters
  • High stability even at high wind speeds
  • exceptional low heat evolution


ApolloLED ECO – The latest generation!

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