LED safety spotlights for transport zones

Large power spectrum up to 240W
Protection category: IP65 / Impact resistance: IK08
D-marking according to VDE 0711-2-24 or EN 60598-2-24
Beam angle 5° / 30°
+90°C (suitable for use in operating facilities with a fire hazard)
Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20°C to +55°C
PTFE coating against dust and dirt deposits


The DeltaLUXX RED, DeltaLUXX GREEN and DeltaLUXX BLUE LED spotlights or safety spotlights are used to ensure safety when working in transport zones.

With the colored DeltaLUXX variants, a spotlight radiating ahead warns employees of access restrictions or crane vehicles, for example. The DeltaLUXX projects a colored spotlight on the ground and acts as a signal light to increase safety on site. The spotlight is designed for robust applications and can even withstand temperature fluctuations from -20°C to +55°C, with a maximum surface temperature of up to +90°C.

Product features

  • Robust housing made of corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum
  • dirt-repellent PTFE surface coating,
  • Suitable for the food industry
  • 3 mm impact-resistant plastic disk (PC)
  • All-round U-profile seal
  • Durable heat conducting foil for permanent
  • reliable heat dissipation of the LED board
  • low heat generation thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology
  • full luminous flux is available immediately after switching on
  • low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
  • maintenance-free
  • No UV/IR radiation
  • Shock and vibration resistant

Technical data

Input voltage: 100-277VAC (50/60Hz)
Light source: SMD-LEDs
System power (R/G/B): 80W / 84W / 130W, 240W
Wavelength (R/G/B): 625nm / 525nm / 460nm
Luminous flux (R/G/B): 3,800lm / 5,625lm / 1,600lm, 2,900lm
Beam angle (R/G/B): 5° / 5° / 5°, 30°
Protection category: IP65
Protection class: I
Max. surface temperature: +90°C (suitable for use in operating areas with a fire hazard) D-marking
Housing material: Die-cast aluminum
Housing surface: PTFE-coated (suitable for the food industry)
Cover: 3mm polycarbonate
Anschlussleitung: 1m
Weight: 11.5kg
Dimensions (ØxH): 450×208,5mm

Assembly examples


Article no. Performance Beam angle Disc Luminous flux* Wavelength
293370 80W PC clear 3,800 625nm


Article no. Performance Beam angle Disc Luminous flux* Wavelength
308901 84W PC clear 5,625 525nm


Article no. Performance Beam angle Disc Luminous flux* Wavelength
289861 130W PC clear 1,600 460nm
291506** 130W PC clear 1,600 460nm
292021 240W 30° ESG clear 2,900 460nm

*In thermally steady state after approx. 1 hour of operation
**Dimmable, incl. Dimmbox

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

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LED floodlights
80 – 120W / to 18,700lm

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED High-performance spotlights
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StreamLED 2 SL70

LED-Protection tube light
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