High bay lighting

LED Hall floodlights

Advantages of GIFAS high bay lighting

  • Designed, Developed and Produced by GIFAS
  • Wide power spectrum up to 270W
  • Wide selection of optics and light colours
  • Controllable via zigbee, DALI2, CASAMBI
  • Approved for operating sites at risk of fire
  • Suitable for the food industry (in accordance with IFS)
  • IP65 protection rating for dusty and damp environments
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of up to +70°
  • PTFE coating against dust and dirt deposits
  • 5-year guarantee

Hall lighting: From production to logistics - working under optimum lighting conditions

Whether an industrial or commercial hall – providing optimum lighting for a large area is always a challenge: hall lighting should promote safety, productivity and employee motivation, require little maintenance and also be flexibly controllable and economical.

In most cases, special ambient and working conditions such as temperature, dirt and dust exposure as well as high rooms or multi-shift operation in companies determine the requirements for the new LED high bay spotlights.

To ensure that the result is right in the end, the new LED high bay lighting must be customised to the conditions on site.

If you have any questions, you are in the best hands with our lighting experts at GIFAS. From consultation and free lighting planning to commissioning: with over 60 years of experience, we do everything we can to optimise the lighting for your project.

DeltaLUXX 2

LED highbay floodlight
with 120° beam angle


LED highbay floodlight
with 20°-60° beam angle


LED highbay floodlight
DALI2 lighting control


LED highbay floodlight
CASAMBI or zigbee light control

LED Strahler, LED Punktstrahler für Kräne, Krananlagen

DeltaLUXX 2 HT

LED highbay floodlight
for high temperature ranges +70°C

LED Strahler für Logistik, Transportzonen, Lagerhalle, Versandhalle


LED safety spotlights
for transport zones

Do you need modern hall lighting?

There are many points that need to be considered when illuminating your hall. Which high bay spotlights are suitable for your lighting, which features they must have (from wattage to beam angle, light colour, control, special certificates and optics) and how many you need is very individual.

Advantages of GIFAS lighting design:

  • Professional advice through to realisation.
  • Professionals with expertise and many years of experience. Unique lighting design for your project.
  • Professional and durable realisation. Energy-efficient and modern lighting solutions.
  • Comprehensive documentation and technical support.

Finding the perfect lighting solution together.

Summarised for you!

Our product catalogue for hall lighting.

We have summarised our solutions for hall lighting in a catalogue chapter so that you can read all the product details in a compact format. Download the latest PDF. We hope you enjoy reading and discovering.

What advantages do LED hall floodlights offer?

Modern LED technology is the basis for a profitable and contemporary lighting solution with LED high bay spotlights. Would you like to modernise your offices, production halls or storage and logistics areas with efficient LED spotlights? With LED lighting, you not only save costs, but also rely on a long-term and sustainable solution for the future. We show you 8 advantages of LED high bay lighting that offer the perfect reasons to make the switch.

All the advantages summarised for you:

  • Energy efficiency: LED high bay spotlights are known for their high energy efficiency. They generate more light per watt compared to conventional lighting technologies, which results in lower energy costs.
  • Longevity: Efficient cooling of the high bay spotlights is essential for the service life of the LEDs installed and ultimately influences the entire lighting system. Efficient thermal management of the high-bay luminaires, which also ensures sufficient cooling in areas subject to dust and dirt, supports the LED technology in its service life. LEDs have a long service life (> 80,000 hours) compared to conventional incandescent lamps (< 4,000 hours) or fluorescent lamps (< 20,000 hours). This leads to reduced maintenance costs and less frequent lamp replacements.
  • Instant brightness: LEDs reach full brightness immediately after switching on, unlike some other light sources that require a warm-up time.
    Colour temperature control: High-bay spotlights allow the colour temperature of the light to be adjusted, which can be important to adapt the lighting to the specific requirements of the work area.
  • Low heat generation: Compared to traditional lamps, LEDs generate less heat, which can help to reduce air conditioning costs and make the working environment more comfortable.
  • Dimmability: Many high bay floodlights are dimmable, which makes it possible to adjust the light intensity as required and save energy.
  • Environmental friendliness: LEDs contain fewer harmful substances such as mercury and are partially recyclable, resulting in a lower environmental impact.
  • Directional light: LEDs emit light in a specific direction, which can help maximise light output and reduce light pollution.

How do you choose the right hall lighting?

If you want to illuminate large areas evenly, choose a high-bay spotlight with a beam angle of 100° or more. Below 100°, a high-bay luminaire is ideal for spotlighting a smaller area.

The height of your hall and the level of illuminance appropriate to the workplace are also decisive factors. In a production hall with a particularly high ceiling, narrow-beam high-bay spotlights are recommended to ensure wide-area illumination. The guide values for standardised lighting in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 can be found under point 3.

If the lighting is to react flexibly to work processes and/or incorporate daylight, the lighting needs a control solution.

Installation in your hall is also important: can the high bay spotlights be suspended from the ceiling using an eyelet, attached to the ceiling with a bracket or is wall mounting the only option?

When making your choice, also pay attention to the protection types and protection classes: Depending on the indoor climate, high bay spotlights with higher IP protection or impact resistance should be used.

We offer LED high bay spotlights for high light points up to 35 metres high and with up to 38,900 lumens. We will be happy to assist you with the selection and planning of your high bay lighting.

How many watts and what light intensity must a high-bay spotlight have?

How many spotlights you need depends on the ceiling height, the beam angle and the light output of the luminaire. The ceiling height determines how high the minimum light output (lm) must be. It is particularly important to provide enough light output for halls so that employees can work as efficiently as possible and the risk of accidents is minimised.

DIN EN 12464-1 (“Lighting of workplaces and indoor areas”) is a good point of reference here. According to this standard, a luminous flux of 200 lumens per square metre (also known as lux) is prescribed for warehouses. Halls in which rough work is carried out, such as industrial halls, require at least 300 lm/m². Depending on how detailed the work is, 1,500 lm/m² may also be necessary.

For an overview, the common illuminance levels according to DIN EN 12464-1:

  • Concentrated work 500 lux
  • Assembly halls (depending on requirements) 200 lux >
  • Industrial halls 300 lux >
  • Dispatch halls 300 lux
  • Warehouses 200 lux > Entrance halls 200 lux
  • Entrance halls 200 lux

The beam angle determines how much area is illuminated. It is therefore not so much the wattage that determines the number of luminaires. For conventional high-bay warehouses, the wattage of the warehouse lighting is a good starting point. The table below gives you a good overview.

Installation height Beam angle Luminous flux Surface area Power
3 to 4m 90° to 120° Up to 10.000 lm 6 to 14m² 30 to 70W
4 to 6m 90° to 120° 10.000 to 20.000 lm 8 to 21m² 70 to 100W
6 to 8m 90° to 120° 20.000 to 25.000 lm 12 to 28m² 100 to 150W
8 to 10m 60° to 90° 25.000 to 28.000 lm 9 to 20m² 150 to 200W
10m > 60° to 90° 28.000 to 25.000 lm 12m² > 200 to 300W


What makes a customised hall lighting concept?

Every industrial company has different requirements. The starting point for an optimised lighting concept is to define the exact profile of the lighting and then select the right products with a high degree of practical relevance. Different things are important for each company. Sometimes the focus is on energy consumption with high luminous efficacy, sometimes on service life and freedom from maintenance. There is a wide range of products, from high-bay spotlights to moisture-proof diffuser luminaires and protective tube luminaires. LED is always a good choice – because cost-effective and durable high-bay lighting is always a profitable investment.

Which LED high bay spotlights are right for me?

Are you interested in our high-bay luminaires or another form of our high-quality industrial lighting? Sound advice is the right place to start and will give you the answer to the best choice. After all, it is not the blanket standard that is associated with the highest efficiency. Our aim is to provide a customised solution as an optimum combination of convincing function, convenience and design – including all accessories for the selected products.

Buy the perfect high bay spotlights from the experts now!

We offer you a large selection of professional LED spotlights for your project. GIFAS luminaires with innovative thermal management are ideal for the long-term illumination of large areas from a great height. As a result, LED high bay luminaires are often used in areas such as production, workshops, warehouses and logistics. Another major advantage of LED high-bay luminaires is that they are very energy-efficient and durable. The quality of the LED luminaires plays a key role and ensures planning and investment security through rapid amortisation and energy savings of up to 70%. You save a lot of energy costs compared to old light sources such as HQL and HQI.

May we advise you free of charge and without obligation?

Our hall lighting experts look forward to hearing from you and developing a customised lighting concept for you.

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 80W bis 120W.


LED floodlights
80 – 120W / to 18,700lm

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED High-performance spotlights
230 – 1,350W / to 197,000lm


StreamLED 2 SL70

LED Protection tube light
12 – 48W / to 7,102lm