LED floodlights

for indoor and outdoor use

AlphaLUXX, FlutLED MODULAR 2, SpotLED, MasterLED

Advantages of GIFAS floodlights

  • Low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
  • Wide power spectrum up to 1,350W
  • Wide selection of optics and light colors
  • No UV/IR radiation
  • Approved for operating sites at risk of fire
  • Low temperature development thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology
  • Protection class up to IP67 for dusty and damp environments
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to +60°C

LED spotlights - perfect visibility anywhere and at any time.

Uniform surface illumination and targeted light distribution in work areas are the key to safe working. LED floodlights from GIFAS ensure the best conditions – in every situation and under extreme operating conditions – from offices and recreation rooms to production lines and large warehouses.

Because only efficient lighting that is tailored to requirements can adequately illuminate workplaces and thus prevent accidents at work. Quality, safety and flawless function are the requirements that we at GIFAS ELECTRIC place on our task lights. We offer you customized solutions made by GIFAS!

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler mit für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 25W bis 120W.


LED floodlight
25W up to 120W

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler mit Abstrahlwinkel für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 25W bis 120W.


LED floodlight vibration-proof
for special mechanical loads

AlphaLUXX LED-Strahler mit asymmetrischen und symmetrischen Abstrahlwinkeln. LED-Strahler mit 80W bis 120W.


LED floodlight with
beam angle 60° / 90° / 60°x150°

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED high-power floodlight
230W – 1,350W / up to 197,000lm

LED-Spotled-Strahler-10W für Arbeitsplatzbeleuchtung mit Farbfilter und Abstrahlwinkel.


LED spotlight
with beam angles and color filter

SpotLED230 effizienter und leistungsstarker Spotletstrahler für Arbeitsplätze und Maschinen.


LED spotlight with
dimming and overtemperature protection

Flexibler LED-Spotledstrahler für Arbeitsplätze mit flexiblem Leuchten-Hals.


LED spotlight
with beam angles and magnetic base

MasterLED_LED-Arbeitsplatz-Strahler mit dreh- und schwenkbarem Lampenhals


LED spotlight
with articulated stand and screw base

Do you need modern LED lighting for out- or indoor?

There are many points that need to be considered when illuminating your indoor or outdoor workplace. Which LED floodlights are suitable for your lighting, which features they must have (from wattage to beam angle, light color, special certificates to protection class) and how many you need is very individual. We will be happy to advise you and support you in your planning.

Advantages of GIFAS lighting design:

  • Professional advice through to implementation.
  • Professionals with know-how and many years of experience. Unique lighting design for your project.
  • Professional and durable implementation. Energy-efficient and modern lighting solutions.
  • Comprehensive documentation and technical support.

Finding the perfect lighting solution together.

Summarised for you!

Our product catalogue for floodlights.

We have summarized our solutions for workplace lighting in a catalog chapter so that you can read all the product details of our GIFAS LED floodlights in a compact format. Download the current PDF. We hope you enjoy reading and discovering.

Which LED floodlights are the best?

It is difficult to determine the “best” LED floodlights across the board, as the choice depends on various factors, including the specific requirements and areas of application.

It is important that you consider the requirements before deciding on an LED spotlight. These include factors such as the desired brightness, color temperature, dimmability, system performance, any smart functions, the service life of the LEDs and, of course, the protection class.

We also explain what you need to consider when selecting spotlights and which technical specifications need to be met for indoor and outdoor use.

We at GIFAS will be happy to advise you and support you in your planning.

Which LED floodlights for outdoor use?

At any time of day and even in the most adverse weather conditions, it is important to guarantee optimum visibility for greater safety and to illuminate shaded areas with pinpoint accuracy. Especially in the morning and evening hours, the right outdoor lighting makes loading activities, entrances and exits as well as walkways safe and comfortable in areas with stairs and obstacles, some of which are highly frequented. With a tailor-made solution consisting of weather-resistant LED outdoor luminaires, you can guide people and machines safely to their destination at all times.

For uniform and precise area illumination in access routes and loading zones, we recommend powerful LED floodlights with built-in beam angles. These focus the light where it is needed.

In addition, unwanted visitors are kept away from well-lit areas, which also increases general safety in the company.

If you want to use an LED spotlight for outdoor use, it should definitely have the appropriate protection classes. Only then can you be sure that your spotlight will withstand the weather conditions. We recommend that you buy LED outdoor spotlights with an IP protection rating of at least 65. This number indicates that the product is both dustproof and waterproof. Depending on where you want to install your LED spotlight, the IK class should also not be too low so that the spotlight is impact-resistant. For higher mechanical loads, we recommend vibration-resistant LED spotlights.

Which LED floodlights for indoor use?

Whether in production, manufacturing, warehousing or logistics, the ambient conditions place special demands on the technology and robustness of the LED spotlights to be used. Dust and moisture resistance create the best possible visual and working conditions. The right light distribution and light color prevent glare and premature fatigue among employees. They also make visual tasks easier and thus improve work performance.

DIN-EN 12464-1 provides a good guideline for planning lighting with LED spotlights that is suitable for the workplace. According to this standard, a luminous flux of 200 lumens per square meter (also known as lux) is prescribed for warehouses. Halls in which rough work is carried out, such as industrial halls, require at least 300 lm/m². Depending on how fine the work is, 1,500 lm/m² may also be necessary.

Vibration-resistant LED spotlights are available for special mechanical loads, such as use on moving or vibrating machine parts, conveyor belts or vehicles. Vibration-damped mounting of the ballast and special securing of all screws make these versions particularly robust against vibrations.

Why LED floodlights instead of halogen lights?

The days of halogen spotlights are finally over, especially since the EU ban on halogen, T5, T8, HQI and HQL lamps came into force. The final phase of this law has now come into effect, banning the production of old light sources. In some countries, the products have already been taken off the shelves. This measure aims to significantly reduce energy consumption, promote the purchase of energy-efficient LED lighting and protect the environment. In addition to the legal requirements, however, there are other reasons why it makes sense to switch to LEDs:

  • LED spotlights consume up to 90% less electricity
  • LEDs emit very little heat
  • The light from modern LED spotlights is flicker and flicker-free
  • Longer operating times of 80,000 hours and more
  • Maintenance-free
  • More environmentally friendly than halogen lights, LEDs contain no toxic substances

What is the beam angle of LED floodlights?

LED floodlights and LED spotlights are available with different beam angles. These indicate the dispersion of the light in degrees. You choose the LED spotlight with beam angle depending on the room and purpose for which you want to use it.

  • 10°: A small beam angle is ideal for illuminating certain objects and small areas. For example, you can use an LED spotlight to highlight a machine or work area.
  • 36°: This type of beam angle is suitable for accent lighting in certain areas of a room. This allows you to illuminate and highlight corners or goods in a retail store, for example.
  • 70° – 90°: With this beam angle, you can illuminate hallways, corridors and narrow rooms in a targeted manner.
  • 120°: This value or higher is ideal for ambient lighting in a room.
  • 360°: With this beam angle, the LED spotlights shine evenly all around.

Buy the perfect LED floodlights from the experts now!

We offer you a large selection of professional LED lighting for your project. GIFAS luminaires with innovative thermal management are ideal for long-term outdoor and indoor lighting. As a result, an LED floodlight is often used in areas such as production, workshops, warehouses, logistics as well as outdoor areas and access roads. Another major advantage of GIFAS spotlights is that they are very energy efficient and have a high protection class of up to IP66 and IK10. The quality of the LED lights plays a key role and ensures planning and investment security thanks to rapid amortization and energy savings of up to 70%. You save a lot of energy costs compared to old light sources such as halogen, HQL or HQI.

May we advise you free of charge and without obligation?

Our lighting experts look forward to hearing from you and developing a customized lighting concept for you.

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 80W bis 120W.


LED high bay lights
95 – 270W with beam angles

LED-Leuchte für Räume mit hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit oder Wasser. LED-Feuchtraumwannenleuchte für die Industrie und Werkstatt.


LED damp-proof diffuser light
for rooms with high humidity


StreamLED 2 SL 70

LED Protection tube light
20 – 55W / to 7,102lm