Fascinatingly simple and in real time. Experience quickly and easily how our products look in your environment – with the free augmented reality app from GIFAS!

Does the AlphaLUXX industrial spotlight fit on my building wall? What size should the underfloor distributor PIAZZA have on my marketplace, and in which version does the DeltaLUXX high bay luminaires look best? With our new augmented reality app, the decision for the right electrical equipment is particularly easy. Because now you can look at a wide variety of products true to the original and in 3D in your own environment – simply virtually on your smartphone or tablet.

You can easily project your favorite product into your area of ​​application: simply attach our printed product image (marker) to the desired location and scan it with the GIFAS app. Now view the product in 3D from all perspectives.

Change the size of the product on your device with finger-zoom and get a true-to-life impression of how well it works in your field of application.

Use state-of-the-art technology to place digital objects live in their environment – accurate and true to scale.

Have fun!

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