LED strip light on cable reel 25m or reel 10m

Energy-efficient LED technology and convenient to use
Dust and splash-proof (IP65)
Shadow-free all-round light (240° beam angle)
Flexible double-sided LED strip light for many applications
Expandable up to 100m
Wide range of accessories and spare parts available


Alternative to conventional lighting. Quick and easy suspension from ceilings, tunnel walls or scaffolding ensures that the respective work areas are optimally illuminated – without casting any shadows. The FlexLED is encased in a high-quality clear PVC tube that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a length of 10m on a reel or 25m on a cable reel, the strip light is supplied ready for connection. It is connected using the supplied connection cable with contour plug. For maximum illumination of large areas, the FlexLEDs can be connected together using the existing connector systems and operated over a total length of 100m.

Product features - FlexLED

  • Low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
  • double-sided LED strip light with powerful LED technology
  • expandable up to 100m with click&play
  • Optionally available with emergency battery
  • Minimal temperature development
  • Impact-resistant design (IK10)
  • Handle with integrated rubber band to lock the reel in place
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Quick and easy installation on walls, ceilings or design

Product features - Emergency battery 230V

With the emergency battery, the FlexLED can continue to be operated at reduced brightness for a maximum of 2 hours if the power supply is interrupted.

It has an internal battery charge protection with protection against overcharging and overdischarging. The emergency power battery is supplied with a 1.5 m connection cable with a Schuko plug. The battery status can be displayed by pressing the illuminated pushbutton when the emergency function is switched on:

Number of red light flashes (blinking):

  • 1× = 0 %-20 % remaining power
  • 2× = 20 %-40 % remaining power
  • 3× = 40 %-60 % remaining power
  • 4× = 60 %-80 % remaining power
  • 5× = 80 %-100 % remaining power

Technical data - FlexLED

Input voltage: 230V / 42V
LED: LEDs double-sided (2×180 LEDs/m)
System efficiency: 13 W/m / 8W/m
Luminous flux: 1,500 lm/m / 920lm/m
Light colour: 4,000K
Beam angle: 240° (120° per side)
LED lifetime: >30,000h
Protection category: IP65
Impact resistance: IK10
Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Weight: approx. 6 kg / approx. 6kg
Dimensions of continuous row (WxH): 16×7.5 mm
Length of strip light:  
FlexLED 230V 25m / 10m
(expandable to max. 100 m)
FlexLED 42V 25m
(expandable to max. 25 m)
Connection cable:  
FlexLED 230V 1.5 m (2×1.5 mm² H07 RN-F)
with contour plug)
FlexLED 42V 1.5 m (2×1.5 mm² H07 RN-F)
with CEE plug 2x16A/42V)

Technical data - Emergency battery 230V

Power: 50W
Emergency operation Battery: 120min.
Battery status: Indicated by indicator light
Connected power: max. 1,500W
Input voltage: 100-277 VAC
Output voltage: 175 VDC
Battery: 22.2 V 6,000 mAh Li-ion battery
Charging time: >8 h
Emergency release time: <1 s
Protection category: IP65
Impact resistance: IK08
Operating temperature: -10°C to +45°C
Connection cable: 1.5 m (3×1.5 mm² H07 RN-F
with Schuko plug)
Emergency operation Brightness:  
10 m 30% 450 lm / m
25 m 20 % 300 lm / m
50 m 10 % 150 lm / m

Assembly examples


Article no. Version
861020 FlexLED strip light 230V on cable reel 25m,
4,000 K, Wide 240° incl. connection cable
800833 FlexLED strip light 230V on reel 10m,
4,000 K, Wide 240° incl. connection cable
335081 FlexLED strip light 42V on cable reel 25m,
4,000 K, Wide 240° incl. connection cable



Article no. Version
800834 Emergency power battery 230V 50W for FlexLED strip light,
1.5m connection cable H07 RN-F with Schuko plug
800835 1.5m connection cable H07 RN-F with
contour plug for FlexLED strip light 230V
800836 Repair kit for FlexLED lighting strip


LED-Lichtband auf Leitungsroller FlexLED Kundenanwendungen

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 80W bis 120W.


LED spotlight
80 – 120W / up to 18,700lm

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED high-power spotlights
230 – 1,350W / up to 197,000lm


StreamLED 2 SL70

LED tube light
20 – 55W / up to 7,102lm