Work lights

Work lights

for construction sites and workshops

LED Arbeitsleuchten für Baustellen und Werkstätten. Mobile Arbeitsstrahler vom Profi.

Advantages of GIFAS work lights

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust and powerful floodlights up to IP66 and IK10
  • Large selection of accessories and spare parts
  • High flexibility: suspension with chain or hook, wall or ceiling mounting, tripod, bracket or carrying handle
  • Low energy consumption with high light output
  • Full luminous flux, available immediately
  • Ideally suited for small and large work areas

Mobile work lights from GIFAS for optimum lighting conditions.

Optimum illumination of work areas with glare-free and evenly distributed light creates safety. At GIFAS, we supply you with suitable work lights and construction spotlights that are tailored to your individual requirements. We ensure compliance with the highest quality standards to ensure that the lamps function perfectly, because your work safety is our top priority.

Our work lights are highly impact-resistant and splash-proof. Due to their low weight, they are easy to transport and are particularly suitable for mobile use in workshops, garages, on construction sites or for inspection work in industry. Discover our work lights for indoor and outdoor use now: hand lamps, pole lights, tripod lights, rotating beacons and pendant lights.

911 LED-Handscheinwerfer mit ergonomischen Handgriff


LED hand-held spotlight
12W, 1,400lm, IP54, SK II/III

GIFAS Arbeitsleuchte und Stableuchte zum abhängen in Werkstätten und Baustellen


LED bar light
6W, 560lm, IP55, SK II/III

GIFAS Arbeitsleuchte und Korbleuchte mit LED für viele Einsatzmöglichkeiten in Industrie und Bauwesen.

917 Basket light

LED hand lamp (LED E27)
7W, 800lm, 4,000K, IP20, SK II

GIFAS PrimaLED Arbeitsleuchte und Flächenstrahler mit 25W Leistung und Steckdosen.

PrimaLED 2

LED floodlight
25W, 4,200lm, 4,000K, IP65, IK08, SK I-III

GIFAS NovaLED Arbeitsleuchte mit 80W Leistung mit Bügel oder Stativ als Stativleuchte.

NovaLED 2

LED work light
80W, 9,200lm, 5,000K, IP54, SK I/II

LED-Rundumleuchte PortLED von GIFAS zu Abhängung einzeln oder im Verbund


LED 360° lamp
17W, 2,100lm, 5,000K, IP66, IK10

Doppelseitiges LED-Lichtband 25m auf schwarzem Leitungsroller mit Anschlussleitung


LED strip light on cable reel
13W/m, 1,500lm/m, 4,000K, IP65, IK10

Katalog für Arbeitsleuchten für Baustellen, Werkstätten und sonstige Anwendungen in der Industrie

Summarised for you!

Our product catalogue for work lights.

We have summarized our range of work lights and construction spotlights in a catalog chapter so that you can read all the product details in a compact format. Download the current PDF. We hope you enjoy reading and discovering.

What work lights are available?

Tripod lights: Many work lights and construction spotlights can be mounted on tripods. This turns a classic work light into a tripod light. The big advantage: Tripod lights provide a stable platform for lighting construction sites and workshops. With their height-adjustable design, they allow flexible adjustment of the lighting height to illuminate the work area evenly.

Portable work lights: Portable work lights are compact and lightweight and offer a simple solution for mobile use. They can be easily transported from one location to another and are ideal for temporary lighting requirements or for use at different work locations.

Stationary worklights: Surface-mounted luminaires are permanently installed on walls, ceilings or other surfaces and provide a permanent lighting solution for workshop or work areas. They are easy to install and provide a fixed lighting solution for specific workstations.

Hand lamps or flashlights: Lamps with a rechargeable battery or mains connection are small, portable lights that are held by hand. They are ideal for use in confined spaces or for precise lighting purposes when a quick mobile lighting solution is required.

Area floodlights: Area floodlights or rotating beacons provide wide, uniform illumination of large areas and are ideal for use outdoors or in confined spaces.

What should you look out for in work lights?

Work lights are part of the basic equipment in many workplaces. They can be designed in many different ways and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, task lights are always used when the lighting conditions on site are not sufficient to work properly. Here are three points for orientation:

Robustness: In a professional environment, robustness and resistance to external influences such as dust and water are of crucial importance. When making a selection, particular attention should therefore be paid to the degree of protection (IP), protection class (SK) and impact resistance (IK). With the right properties, work lights should be able to withstand falls from a height of one to two meters without any problems and without any loss of performance. The tool gets dirty quickly during use and should therefore be easy to clean and easy to remove residues from. Info: The IP protection class indicates how resistant the model is to solid foreign bodies and liquids. A light with IP 54, for example, is protected against dust and splash water.

Stability and possible uses: In addition to the robustness of the housing, practical details are also of great importance. With regard to the intended use, you need lightweight and slim work lights that can also be used to illuminate narrow and dark areas – for example in the engine compartment. If, on the other hand, large outdoor areas are to be illuminated, then choose large floodlights or rotating beacons with powerful technology. In addition, work spotlights should always be securely positioned on different surfaces. The option of secure attachment using magnets, eyelets or hooks is extremely practical, especially for hands-free work.

Power and connection: Overall, work lights with cables offer a reliable, powerful and cost-effective lighting solution, especially for use in locations where a constant power supply is available and long operating times are required. A work or construction floodlight with cable therefore has clear advantages. But what happens if there is no power connection on the construction site, for example? Work lights with rechargeable batteries are mobile and can be used in places without direct access to a power source. This increases flexibility and efficiency for various work tasks, especially outdoors or in remote locations.

GIFAS work and construction spotlights for professionals in various versions

You will find what you are looking for here. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for suspended, horizontal or upright mounted light sources. We offer you the right solution for workshop and construction site lighting, which is one of GIFAS’ core competencies.

The luminaires for indoor and outdoor use ensure completely symmetrical light distribution with minimal heat generation. Thanks to the high-quality LED technology, they develop their full light output as soon as they are switched on.

Click through our range of mobile work lights and find out more about the performance and benefits of our lamps.

PrimaLED 2 LED floodlights

The PrimaLED 2 with 25W is a professional light with high light output, low heat generation and low energy consumption. This work light guarantees optimum area illumination thanks to glare-free, evenly distributed light. There is also an optional Schuko or CEE 24 or 42V socket on the back for connecting additional devices. The work light can be fitted with accessories to suit your requirements and thus offers various installation options for every application: suspended, horizontal or upright!

The PrimaLED 2 is also available with a rechargeable battery. You can find more information here: Battery / rechargeable battery lights.

NovaLED LED work light

The NovaLED 2 work light is a technically sophisticated, professional light that has been specially developed for tough use in industry, trade and on construction sites. The robust housing made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with extra impact and shock protection made of rubber (IP 54 / SK I7II) reliably protects the internal technology from external influences and the weather. It also offers various installation options for every application: horizontal or upright on a light bracket, stand or tripod.

PortLED LED rotating beacon

The PortLED is an all-round luminaire for large-area illumination of indoor or outdoor work environments. The luminaire is quick and easy to install and is operated in a suspended position. Operation is only permitted on the rubberized H05RNH2-F ribbon cable. The luminaire can be flexibly positioned at any point on the cable using the clamp connector. An impact-resistant, satin-finished polycarbonate (PC) cover minimizes glare and ensures uniform light distribution with high visual comfort. The high IP66 protection class protects the luminaire against the ingress of dirt and water. The cover (IK10) is replaceable.

FlexLED LED strip light on cable reel

The alternative work light to conventional construction site lighting. Quick and easy suspension from ceilings, tunnel walls or scaffolding ensures that the respective work areas are optimally illuminated – without casting any shadows. The FlexLED is encased in a high-quality clear PVC tube that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a length of 10 m on a reel or 25 m on a cable reel, the strip light is supplied ready for connection. It is connected using the supplied connection cable with contour plug. For maximum illumination of large areas, the FlexLEDs can be connected together using the existing connector systems and operated over a total length of 100m.

StabiLED LED bar light

StabiLED from GIFAS – slim and bright LED bar light for homogeneous illumination with a clear cover made of robust polycarbonate. Available in 3 different versions, the StabiLED can be used in almost any workshop or construction site and can be quickly positioned using the practical suspension device. The shatterproof polycarbonate cover reliably protects the LED technology from dust and splash water and is oil, acid and age-resistant as well as self-extinguishing.

917 cage light LED hand lamp

The basket hand lamp is a robust and handy all-purpose lamp.
It is impact-resistant and resistant to chemical influences.

Think about the right accessories for your lights!

In addition to a wide variety of lamps, we can also supply you with the right accessories for our work lights on request. From brackets for wall or ceiling mounting to special adapters, stands or magnets for attachment to metal surfaces as well as attachments for various mounting options. If you have any further questions about lighting technology, please do not hesitate to contact us – our GIFAS team will provide you with personal, individual and expert advice. We look forward to your inquiry!

May we advise you free of charge and without obligation?

Our lighting experts look forward to hearing from you and developing a customized lighting concept for you.

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 80W bis 120W.


LED floodlights
80 – 120W / to 18,700lm

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED High-performance spotlights
230 – 1,350W / to 197,000lm


StreamLED 2 SL 70

LED Protection tube light
20 – 55W / to 7,102lm