LED workstation spotlight with articulated stand and screwable base

Can be rotated, swiveled and tilted
Extremely switching-resistant (> 1 million)
Low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
Extremely robust and with shatterproof glass
Lightweight aluminum housing


Good visibility for work safety in every situation. The right light source, safe and convenient, provides light as required for every lighting task and offers energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting in commercial, industrial, indoor and outdoor areas. The LED task light is extremely robust and equipped with shatterproof glass. With the various articulated arms, the MasterLED can be rotated and pivoted and is the right luminaire for many applications.

Product features

  • Full luminous flux, immediately available
  • Low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
  • Extremely switching-resistant ( >1Mio. )
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • With satinized lens
  • Can be rotated and swiveled into various positions
  • Screw-on lamp base with 1 or 3 joints
  • On-Off switch on the rear lamp head
  • Polyamide handle

Technical data

Input voltage: 230VAC, 24VAC/DC
Light source:
1x20W LED
Luminous flux: 1,500lm
LED lifetime: >50,000h

Protection category:

Protection class: III for operation at safety extra-low voltage
Housing material: aluminum
Cover: shatterproof glass

Assembly examples


Article no. Description
283110 Typ 1 24VAC/DC (1 hinge)
283112 Typ 3 24VAC/DC (3 hinges)
283113 Typ 1 230VAC (1 hinge)
283115 Typ 3 230VAC (3 hinges)



Article no. Description
284022 Screw-on magnetic base
236643 Replacement switch
236644 Protective cap for switch
274951 Articulated stand type 3
236641 Clear replacement glass
251620 Anti-glare louvre, black plastic
245361 Hand grip
285456 Screw-on clamp
236645 Sealing ring for windshield
282898 LED board 20W
282899 Electronic 230VAC
282900 Electronic 24VAC/DC

Alternative LED lights for indoor and outdoor use:

LED-Strahler für Industrie und Gewerbe. Rüttelfester LED Strahler für Arbeitsplatz. Leistung 80W bis 120W.


LED high bay lights
95 – 270W with beam angles

LED-Hochleistungsstrahler 230W bis 1.350W. LED-Strahler für hohe Lichtpunkte und für die Ausleuchtung großer Flächen.


LED damp-proof diffuser light
for rooms with high humidity


StreamLED 2 SL 70

LED Protection tube light
20 – 55W / to 7,102lm